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Hunting Knives

Want a heirloom quality hunting knife you can use and then pass down for generations to come? 

Check out these time tested designs. Many of my hunting knife designs are variations of my Uncle Charlie's original designs.

The others are my own original designs and I have received great reviews from seasoned hunters and even a few professionals. You will see overlap between some of our designs in multiple categories' due to the versatile nature of these blades. 

The Frontiersman

A classic drop point with a deep belly that makes an outstanding skinning knife yet still suitable for daily carry.


The Whitetail Hunter

This is possibly the ultimate field knife with plenty of length, a ergonomic grip and a sweet design all the way around.

The Lil' Partner

Sleek and efficient the Lil' Partner makes a great caping knife. It's size makes it easy to control for detail work. 


The Scout

My all time best seller, the Scout is just a great all around knife. 

The Reverand

Formerly known as the Gambler but there is no gamble here with this versatile design. At home in the hunting camp or on the operator's belt. This is a personal favorite and my daily carry knife.

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